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Adaptive Ski/Snowboard Lessons

Adaptive Snowsports School

Not much different from traditional snow skiing and snowboarding. All of us require some type of adaptive equipment to have fun on snow. For example, skiers use skis, bindings, boots and poles, which did not come as standard equipment on our bodies. The same rule applies to all snow sports—we all need some kind of adaptive equipment to ski, snowboard, and snowshoe. While much of adaptive ski or snowboard teaching concerns the actual mechanics of both sports, it is important to remember that all lessons focus around the student and his or her goals and needs. Our adaptive snow sports program works with a wide range of disabled people to provide the unique exhilaration of this sport. Along the way, we help our students build confidence and physical dexterity. Our key to success, and that of our participants, is to treat each lesson as an opportunity to learn about the person and the disability, how to best build confidence and understanding, and what combinations of teaching tools and progressions can most effectively lead to the common goals of fun, safety, and realistic skill development.

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